Class Column

  • @Entity
    public class Column
    extends ModelObject
    Used by the ModelProvider, maps the AD_Column table in the application dictionary.
    iperdomo, mtaal
    • Constructor Detail

      • Column

        public Column()
    • Method Detail

      • getDomainType

        public DomainType getDomainType()
      • isBoolean

        public boolean isBoolean()
      • getColumnName

        public String getColumnName()
      • setColumnName

        public void setColumnName​(String columnName)
      • getTable

        public Table getTable()
      • setTable

        public void setTable​(Table table)
      • getReference

        public Reference getReference()
      • setReference

        public void setReference​(Reference reference)
      • getReferenceValue

        public Reference getReferenceValue()
      • setReferenceValue

        public void setReferenceValue​(Reference referenceValue)
      • getFieldLength

        public int getFieldLength()
      • setFieldLength

        public void setFieldLength​(int fieldLength)
      • getDefaultValue

        public String getDefaultValue()
      • setDefaultValue

        public void setDefaultValue​(String defaultValue)
      • isKey

        public boolean isKey()
      • setKey

        public void setKey​(Boolean key)
      • isSecondaryKey

        public boolean isSecondaryKey()
      • setSecondaryKey

        public void setSecondaryKey​(boolean secondaryKey)
      • isParent

        public boolean isParent()
      • setParent

        public void setParent​(Boolean parent)
      • isMandatory

        public boolean isMandatory()
      • setMandatory

        public void setMandatory​(Boolean mandatory)
      • isUpdatable

        public boolean isUpdatable()
      • setUpdatable

        public void setUpdatable​(Boolean updatable)
      • isIdentifier

        public boolean isIdentifier()
      • setIdentifier

        public void setIdentifier​(Boolean identifier)
      • getValueMin

        public String getValueMin()
      • setValueMin

        public void setValueMin​(String valueMin)
      • getValueMax

        public String getValueMax()
      • setValueMax

        public void setValueMax​(String valueMax)
      • isPrimitiveType

        public boolean isPrimitiveType()
      • getPrimitiveType

        public Class<?> getPrimitiveType()
      • getReferenceType

        public Column getReferenceType()
      • setReferenceType

        public void setReferenceType​(Column column)
      • setReferenceType

        protected void setReferenceType()
      • getTypeName

        public String getTypeName()
      • getSimpleTypeName

        public String getSimpleTypeName()
      • getObjectTypeName

        public String getObjectTypeName()
        Returns the classname of the object which maps to the type of this column. For example if this column is an int then this method will return java.lang.Integer (the object version of the int).
        the name of the class of the type of this column
      • getProperty

        public Property getProperty()
      • setProperty

        public void setProperty​(Property property)
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Returns the concatenation of the table and column name.
        toString in class ModelObject
      • getAllowedValues

        public Set<String> getAllowedValues()
        Is used when this column denotes an enum. This method returns all allowed String values.
        the set of allowed values for this Column.
      • isTransient

        public Boolean isTransient()
      • setTransient

        public void setTransient​(Boolean isTransient)
      • getIsTransientCondition

        public String getIsTransientCondition()
      • setIsTransientCondition

        public void setIsTransientCondition​(String isTransientCondition)
      • getPosition

        public Integer getPosition()
      • setPosition

        public void setPosition​(Integer position)
      • getModule

        public Module getModule()
      • setModule

        public void setModule​(Module module)
      • isEncrypted

        public boolean isEncrypted()
      • setEncrypted

        public void setEncrypted​(boolean encrypted)
      • isDecryptable

        public boolean isDecryptable()
      • setDecryptable

        public void setDecryptable​(boolean decryptable)
      • isTranslatable

        public boolean isTranslatable()
      • setTranslatable

        public void setTranslatable​(boolean translatable)
      • isStoredInSession

        public boolean isStoredInSession()
      • setStoredInSession

        public void setStoredInSession​(boolean storedInSession)
      • getSeqno

        public Integer getSeqno()
      • setSeqno

        public void setSeqno​(Integer seqno)
      • isUsedSequence

        public boolean isUsedSequence()
      • setUsedSequence

        public void setUsedSequence​(boolean usedSequence)
      • getSqlLogic

        public String getSqlLogic()
      • setSqlLogic

        public void setSqlLogic​(String sqlLogic)
      • isChildPropertyInParent

        public boolean isChildPropertyInParent()
      • setChildPropertyInParent

        public void setChildPropertyInParent​(boolean isChildPropertyInParent)