Class LongDomainType

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      • LongDomainType

        public LongDomainType()
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      • getPrimitiveType

        public Class<?> getPrimitiveType()
        Description copied from interface: PrimitiveDomainType
        The primitive type class (for example java.lang.Long) if this is a primitive type.
        class of the Long
      • getFormatId

        public String getFormatId()
        Description copied from interface: PrimitiveDomainType
        Returns the id of the format definition to use for this domain type. Is normally only relevant for numeric domain types. The id is the prefix part of the name in the Format.xml file. So for example the id 'integer' maps to all the Format.xml entries with integer as a prefix.
        Specified by:
        getFormatId in interface PrimitiveDomainType
        getFormatId in class BasePrimitiveDomainType
        the name of the format definition in the format.xml, if not relevant then null is returned.
      • getXMLSchemaType

        public String getXMLSchemaType()
        the xml schema type which matches the primitive type, is used to create the XML Schema for the REST web services.