Interface Component

    • Method Detail

      • generate

        String generate()
        Generates the content of the component which is sent to the client for execution/rendering.
        the generated javascript which is send back to the client
      • getId

        String getId()
        the id of the component, see the id description in the root of this class.
      • getLastModified

        Date getLastModified()
        the last modified date of any data element used to generate the response, if null is returned then the current date/time is assumed.
      • getETag

        String getETag()
        An ETag is a hash-like string which is used to determine if content has changed since the last request for the content. See this link for more information. Note for language specific components the etag has to encode the language (id) also! See ( OBContext.getLanguage()) to get the current language.
        a unique hash for the content generated
      • getModule

        Module getModule()
        the module providing this component
      • getContentType

        String getContentType()
        the content type passed in the response header, for example: application/javascript;charset=UTF-8
      • isJavaScriptComponent

        boolean isJavaScriptComponent()
        true if the generated output is javascript
      • isInDevelopment

        boolean isInDevelopment()
        true if the component's module or a module of a subcomponent is in development
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