Interface ComponentProvider

    • Method Detail

      • getComponent

        Component getComponent​(String componentId,
                               Map<String,​Object> parameters)
        the JavaScript code to create this datasource on the client
      • getGlobalResources

        List<String> getGlobalResources()
        implement getGlobalComponentResources
        the global resources which are needed to be present on every page.
      • getModule

        Module getModule()
        the Module to which this provider belongs
      • getVersionParameters

        String getVersionParameters​(String resource)
        Computes parameters to add to a link of a resource. The parameters include the version and language of the user. The version computation logic depends on if the module is in development ( Module.isInDevelopment(). If in developers mode then the System.currentTimeMillis() is used. If not in developers mode then the Module.getVersion() is used. These values are prepended with the language id of the user. This makes it possible to generate language specific components on the server.
        resource - , the resource to compute the version string for, is typically a resource provided by the getGlobalResources method
        the version parameter string, a concatenation of the version and language with parameter names
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