Class DocLineCashVATReady_PaymentTransactionReconciliation

    • Constructor Detail

      • DocLineCashVATReady_PaymentTransactionReconciliation

        public DocLineCashVATReady_PaymentTransactionReconciliation​(String documentType,
                                                                    String trxHeaderID,
                                                                    String trxLineID)
    • Method Detail

      • getInvoiceTaxCashVAT_V_IDs

        public List<String> getInvoiceTaxCashVAT_V_IDs()
        Returns a list of different InvoiceTaxCashVAT_V records. It internally creates a Set from the invoiceTaxCashVAT_V attribute and returns a List
      • setInvoiceTaxCashVAT_V_IDs

        public void setInvoiceTaxCashVAT_V_IDs​(List<String> invoiceTaxCashVATV)
      • setInvoiceTaxCashVAT_V

        public void setInvoiceTaxCashVAT_V​(String finPaymentDetailID)
        Given the payment detail id (finPaymentDetailID), the method calculates the linked InvoiceTaxCashVAT_V records and adds them to the invoiceTaxCashVAT_V list associated to the object. If this method is called several times for different finPaymentDetailID, the system will add (not override) the associated invoiceTaxCashVAT_V records to the object