Class TableSQLData

  • public class TableSQLData
    extends Object
    Fernando Iriazabal Handler to manage all the process for the tab's query building.
    • Field Detail

      • maxRowsPerGridPage

        public static final int maxRowsPerGridPage
        Defines how many rows will be shown at maximum in any datagrid inside the scrollable area. If there are more rows in the source table multiple pages of this size will be used.
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values
    • Constructor Detail

      • TableSQLData

        public TableSQLData()
    • Method Detail

      • calcAndGetBackendPage

        public static int calcAndGetBackendPage​(VariablesSecureApp vars,
                                                String currPageKey)
                                         throws javax.servlet.ServletException
        This function retrieves the stored backend page number for the given key from the session, adjust it if needed based on the movePage request parameter, stored the new value into the session and return it to the caller.
        vars -
        currPageKey -