Class SelectorDefinition

  • @Entity
    public class SelectorDefinition
    extends ModelObject
    The selector read from the database. Note the Column/Table and other types from the org.openbravo.base.model package should be used, not the generated ones!
    • Constructor Detail

      • SelectorDefinition

        public SelectorDefinition()
    • Method Detail

      • getColumn

        public Column getColumn()
      • setColumn

        public void setColumn​(Column column)
      • getReferenceId

        public String getReferenceId()
      • setReferenceId

        public void setReferenceId​(String referenceId)
      • getTable

        public Table getTable()
      • setTable

        public void setTable​(Table table)
      • setDatasourceDefinition

        public void setDatasourceDefinition​(DatasourceDefinition datasourceDefinition)