Interface ExtraWindowSettingsInjector

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    public interface ExtraWindowSettingsInjector
    Classes implementing this interface are injected in the WindowSettingsActionHandler class. Using this interface it is possible to customize the return object of that class or to perform some custom validations. It is also possible to add some JavaScript functions to be executed on the Callback function of the Action Handler.
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      • doAddSetting

        Map<String,​Object> doAddSetting​(Map<String,​Object> parameters,
                                              org.codehaus.jettison.json.JSONObject json)
                                       throws OBException
        This method is executed in the execute method. Using the WindowSettingsActionHandler.EXTRA_CALLBACK key it is possible to return a List<String> with JavaScript functions that are executed on the callback of the WindowSettingsActionHandler execution. These functions only receive the "data" object as argument. All other keys are included in a "extraSettings" JavaScript object in the response "data" object.
        parameters - the parameters Map of the current WindowSettingsActionHandler execution.
        json - the JSONObject instance of the response of the WindowSettingsActionHandler.
        A Map<String, Object> with all the extra settings desired to be included in the WindowSettingsActionHandler response.