Interface ExtraWindowSettingsInjector

    • Method Detail

      • doAddSetting

        Map<String,​Object> doAddSetting​(Map<String,​Object> parameters,
                                              org.codehaus.jettison.json.JSONObject json)
                                       throws OBException
        This method is executed in the execute method. Using the WindowSettingsActionHandler.EXTRA_CALLBACK key it is possible to return a List<String> with JavaScript functions that are executed on the callback of the WindowSettingsActionHandler execution. These functions only receive the "data" object as argument. All other keys are included in a "extraSettings" JavaScript object in the response "data" object.
        parameters - the parameters Map of the current WindowSettingsActionHandler execution.
        json - the JSONObject instance of the response of the WindowSettingsActionHandler.
        A Map<String, Object> with all the extra settings desired to be included in the WindowSettingsActionHandler response.