Class OBBindings

  • public class OBBindings
    extends Object
    JS - Java binding to use in JavaScript expressions.
    • Method Detail

      • getSession

        public javax.servlet.http.HttpSession getSession()
      • isSalesTransaction

        public Boolean isSalesTransaction()
        Checks if is a Sales Order transaction, based on the parameters of the HTTP request
        null if there is no request parameters, or if both the inpissotrx and inpwindowId request parameters are not available
      • getWindowId

        public String getWindowId()
      • getTabId

        public String getTabId()
      • getCommandType

        public String getCommandType()
      • isPosted

        public Boolean isPosted()
      • isProcessed

        public Boolean isProcessed()
      • formatDate

        public String formatDate​(Date d)
      • formatDateTime

        public String formatDateTime​(Date d)
      • formatDateTime

        public String formatDateTime​(Object d)
      • parseDate

        public Date parseDate​(String date)
      • parseDateTime

        public Date parseDateTime​(String dateTime)
      • getFilterExpression

        public String getFilterExpression​(String className)