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fixed bug 36755: inefficient translate task

Several improvements applied:
* A single invocation is performed instead one per file extension.
* Look for labels just once regardless number of installed translations.
* Cache all labels in memory so that a single query is performed to look for
them up instead of one per each label found in files.
* Execute all DB updates in a single transaction
* Reduced log vebosity (specially when no modules in development)
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<SqlClass name="TranslateData" package="org.openbravo.translate">
  <SqlMethod name="getTextInterfaces" type="preparedStatement" return="multiple">
      select ad_textinterfaces_id as id, isUsed as tr, text, t.ad_module_id as module, filename, m.ad_language as lang, '' as name,'' as javapackage
        from ad_textinterfaces t, ad_module m
       where t.ad_module_id = m.ad_module_id
       order by text, case when filename is not null then 0 else 1 end
  <SqlMethod name="getModulesInDevelopment" type="preparedStatement" return="multiple">
      select AD_Module_id as id, name, javapackage, AD_LANGUAGE as lang
        from AD_Module
       where isInDevelopment = 'Y'
       order by 1
  <SqlMethod name="insert" type="preparedStatement" connection="true" return="rowCount">
      insert into ad_textinterfaces
        (get_uuid(),'0' ,'0', 'Y', now(), '0', now(), '0', ?, ?, 'Y', ?)
    <Parameter name="text"/>
    <Parameter name="filename"/>
    <Parameter name="module"/>

  <SqlMethod name="update" type="preparedStatement" connection="true" return="rowCount">
      update ad_textinterfaces t
         set isUsed='Y', updated=now(), updatedBy = '0'
       where ad_textinterfaces_id = ?
    <Parameter name="adTextinterfacesId"/>

  <SqlMethod name="clean" type="preparedStatement" return="rowCount">
      update ad_textinterfaces t
         set isUsed='N', updated=now(), updatedBy = '0'
       where exists (select 1 
                       from ad_module m
                      where m.ad_module_id = t.ad_module_id
                        and m.isInDevelopment = 'Y')  
  <SqlMethod name="remove" type="preparedStatement" return="rowCount">
      delete from ad_textinterfaces t
       where isUsed='N'
         and exists (select 1 
                       from ad_module m
                      where m.ad_module_id = t.ad_module_id
                        and m.isInDevelopment = 'Y')