[build-cleanup] Remove extra copy.core.lib target (inlined into core.lib)
authorStefan Hühner <stefan.huehner@openbravo.com>
Sun, 09 Jul 2017 14:27:29 +0200
changeset 32769 392bba693482
parent 32768 76ea5b1d9df4
child 32770 5f147a9c2478
[build-cleanup] Remove extra copy.core.lib target (inlined into core.lib)

The main build.xml target core.lib after calling out to src-core/build.xml
does an antcall to another separate copy.core.lib target in the same main
build.xml file. That extra target is never used anywhere else.

Inline it into the main core.lib target to simplify the build file.

Note: getAllModules did not show any reference to it any module.
Note: As secondary effect this removes one occurance of the annoying:
'Trying to override old definition of ...' messages because of the antcall
--- a/build.xml	Sun Jul 09 14:15:12 2017 +0200
+++ b/build.xml	Sun Jul 09 14:27:29 2017 +0200
@@ -649,10 +649,6 @@
   <target name="core.lib" depends="init">
     <ant dir="${base.src.core}" target="build" inheritAll="true" inheritRefs="true" />
-    <antcall target="copy.core.lib" />
-  </target>
-  <target name="copy.core.lib">
     <copy file="${base.src.core}/lib/openbravo-core.jar" todir="${base.lib}/runtime" failonerror="false" />