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Wed, 25 Jun 2008 22:24:09 +0000
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Fixed bug 4132: Create/export cycles differ in Oracle and PostgreSQL
<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <database name="VIEW RV_C_INVOICE">
    <view name="RV_C_INVOICE"><![CDATA[SELECT i.c_invoice_id, i.ad_client_id, i.ad_org_id, i.isactive, i.created, i.createdby, i.updated, i.updatedby, i.issotrx, i.documentno, i.docstatus, i.docaction, i.isprinted, i.isdiscountprinted, i.processing, i.processed, i.c_doctype_id, i.c_doctypetarget_id, i.c_order_id, i.description, i.salesrep_id, i.dateinvoiced, i.dateprinted, i.dateacct, i.c_bpartner_id, i.c_bpartner_location_id, i.ad_user_id, b.c_bp_group_id, i.poreference, i.dateordered, i.c_currency_id, i.paymentrule, i.c_paymentterm_id, i.m_pricelist_id, i.c_campaign_id, i.c_project_id, i.c_activity_id, i.c_charge_id, 
        CASE substr(d.docbasetype, 3)
            WHEN 'C' THEN i.chargeamt * -1
            ELSE i.chargeamt
        END AS chargeamt, 
        CASE substr(d.docbasetype, 3)
            WHEN 'C' THEN i.totallines * -1
            ELSE i.totallines
        END AS totallines, 
        CASE substr(d.docbasetype, 3)
            WHEN 'C' THEN i.grandtotal * -1
            ELSE i.grandtotal
        END AS grandtotal, 
        CASE substr(d.docbasetype, 3)
            WHEN 'C' THEN -1
            ELSE 1
        END AS multiplier
   FROM c_invoice i, c_doctype d, c_bpartner b
  WHERE i.c_doctype_id = d.c_doctype_id AND i.c_bpartner_id = b.c_bpartner_id]]></view>