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Mon, 14 Dec 2015 16:26:16 +0100
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fixes issue 31676: Some values are not shown in XLS format using MS Office

The detect cell type feature was not working properly for BigInteger values in Office after the Jasper Library Upgrade. A personalized format was applied causing the data not be shown when opening the report.

To solve this problem the detect cell type feature has been disabled. This way, by default, all the values in the XLS will be exported as strings.

This default configuration can be overriden at report level. As an example, the General Ledger Report and Trial Balance report have been updated properly. With this configuration, those reports are now using number formatting for the cells showing the BigDecimal values.
<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <function name="OBCQL_LANGUAGE_CREATE" type="NULL">
      <parameter name="ep_instance_id" type="VARCHAR" mode="in">
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  v_rowcount NUMBER;


  INSERT INTO obcql_query_column_trl
           (obcql_query_column_trl_id , obcql_query_column_id, ad_language,
            ad_client_id              , ad_org_id            , isactive   ,
            created                   , createdby            , updated    ,
            updatedby                 , name                 ,
    SELECT get_uuid()                , qc.obcql_query_column_id, l.ad_language,
           qc.ad_client_id           , qc.ad_org_id            , qc.isactive,
           now()                     , qc.createdby            , now()        ,
           qc.updatedby              ,                 ,
    FROM obcql_query_column qc, ad_language l, ad_module m, obcql_widget_query wq, obkmo_widget_class wc
    WHERE l.isactive = 'Y'
      AND l.issystemlanguage = 'Y'
      AND wq.obcql_widget_query_id = qc.obcql_widget_query_id
      AND wc.obkmo_widget_class_id = wq.obkmo_widget_class_id
      AND m.ad_module_id = wc.ad_module_id
      AND m.ad_language != l.ad_language
                      FROM obcql_query_column_trl t
                      WHERE t.obcql_query_column_id = qc.obcql_query_column_id
                        AND t.ad_language = l.ad_language);

  DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('- OBCQL_LANGUAGE_CREATE: OBCQL_Query_Column_Trl ' || v_rowcount) ;