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Related with issue 28478: The tests have been improved.

The tests for the issue 28478 have been improved and test class is now in the proper testsuite.
 This is the development trunk of Openbravo ERP.

* Installation

First, configure Openbravo properties run:

  ant setup

Then, to install it run:

  ant install.source

It creates the database structure, builds the core, compiles
Openbravo and generates a war file.

Deploy this war file into the tomcat/webapps directory.

* Documentation

See for more documentation.

* Helping out

If you'd like to help out, great!

Have a look to our Contributor's Guide:

There is also a list of on-going community projects:

Please share your changes so others can benefit.

Please use svn diff to prepare patches.

* Contact

IRC: #openbravo in freenode