author Asier Lostalé <>
Wed, 18 Mar 2015 10:50:25 +0100
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parent 2071 d5976047630c
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fixed bug 29329: can't download attachments for 2 rows with same name & no ext

When trying to download at once attachemnts for different records that have the
same name and it does not have extension, it fails.

The problem is in case of duplicated names to be included within the zipped file,
a number is appended to the file name before the extension. Extesion is present
is assumed, failing if not.

Fix: don't assume file name has extension.
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Software: Java(TM) Transaction API (JTA) Specification 1.1

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Licensed Unit: Software Copy

Licensed unit Count: Unlimited

Permitted Uses:   

1. You may reproduce and use the Software for Your own Individual, Commercial, or Research and Instructional Use for the purposes of designing, developing, testing, and running Your applets and application ("Programs").

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