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Fixed issue 16868. ComponentProviders will be matched with modules via the javapackage smartly:
- A class will be matched to a module if its javapackage starts with the javapackage of the module (we no longer require the matching to be exact).
- If more than one module matches, the one with the longest Javapackage will be picked. This is to resolve situations in which, for example, both org.openbravo and org.openbravo.client.kernel match.
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     This file configures the OBProvider ServiceLocator/Factory to 
     use specific classes at runtime to implement certain functionality.
     Each runtime class is configured using a bean tag. The bean tag
     contains the name of the bean, the runtime class which should be
     used and if the bean is a singleton or not. 
     The bean name is often equal to the name of the standard OpenBravo
     class which is replaced by the bean configured here.