Removed library list in README, now the wiki should be used.
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Removed library list in README, now the wiki should be used.
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-Overview of libraries and their dependencies in Openbravo
-TODO: it would be best to also list download location and license information. 
->>> Jars in lib/build <<<
->> The following jars are used for image sprites (for more information see:
-It depends on:
->> Unit testing uses the following jar (in lib/build):
->> Used to prevent compile errors during ant javac
->>> Jars in lib/runtime <<<
->> The hibernate functionality depends on the following jar files:
->> Process Scheduling uses the following libraries:
-quartz-1.6.2.jar is used for process scheduling.
-jettison-1.0.1.jar and xstream-1.3.jar are used for JSON support.
->> Generating business object entity classes (in src-gen) requires the following jars:
->> SOAP webservices require the following jars:
->> Jasper Reports
->> Common libraries (used in various locations)
-ojdbc14.jar (oracle driver)
->> Html parser, used by xml-engine
->> Authentication
->> Candidate for removal:
->>> Not found use for these:
+When adding or removing libraries to Openbravo please update this page with your changes:
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