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Wed, 03 Aug 2016 09:52:57 -0400
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Fixes issue 33489: Can't post CAD if period was created previous to 3.0PR14Q4

Cost Adjustments feature was included in Openbravo 3.0PR14Q4, so periods created in lower versions doesn't includes the Cost Adjustment Document. When the instance is upgrated, these periods was not updated and it causes that CAD can't be posted. To include this document to all these periods was updated the CreateAccountingConfiguration module script to take into account control periods that has not included the CAD. Also was updated the Module Script Execution Limits to the 29718 version.
Openbravo wants to thank to the following people for their contributions to the Openbravo ERP project.

Stefan Huehner <> - Bug fixing, code clean up
Mario Martinez Rodriguez <> - Openbravo 2.0x to 2.2x artwork 
Ben Sommerville <> - Bug fixing
Ville Lindfors <> - Code clean up
Miroslav Lazarevic <> - Fixes to the build system
Valery Lezhebokov <> - Development and Bug fixing
Asier Galdos <> - Bug fixing
Thirumalai Kandasami <> - Bug fixing
Sreedhar Sirigiri TDS - provided deep linking with filter clause
Mallikarjun M TDS - provided deep linking with filter clause
Shankar Balachandran <> - Bug fixing
Francois Le Roux - <> - Bug fixing and documentation
Shawn Laubach SAIC <> - Development
Cheli Pineda <> - Bug fixing