author Stefan Hühner <>
Mon, 29 Jun 2015 17:28:49 +0200
changeset 27166 0c9a6c3e2277
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Fixed 30282: Suppress 'unused object allocation' warnings where done intentionally.

In some cases existing code does create objects without using them just to check for
side-effects. I.e. new BigDecimal(someString) to check if that string can be parsed
as a number.
Supress the warning in those cases.
Openbravo wants to thank to the following people for their contributions to the Openbravo ERP project.

Stefan Huehner <> - Bug fixing, code clean up
Mario Martinez Rodriguez <> - Openbravo 2.0x to 2.2x artwork 
Ben Sommerville <> - Bug fixing
Ville Lindfors <> - Code clean up
Miroslav Lazarevic <> - Fixes to the build system
Valery Lezhebokov <> - Development and Bug fixing
Asier Galdos <> - Bug fixing
Thirumalai Kandasami <> - Bug fixing
Sreedhar Sirigiri TDS - provided deep linking with filter clause
Mallikarjun M TDS - provided deep linking with filter clause
Shankar Balachandran <> - Bug fixing
Francois Le Roux - <> - Bug fixing and documentation
Shawn Laubach SAIC <> - Development
Cheli Pineda <> - Bug fixing