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Added 3.0 modules to modules dir and changed the VERSION number
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// creates the mapping from entities to windows/tabs to support direct linking
OB.EntityToWindowMapping = {    
    <#list data.entityWindowMappings as mapping>
    '${mapping.entityName?js_string}': {viewId: '_${mapping.windowId?js_string}', tabId: '${mapping.tabId?js_string}', tabTitle: '${mapping.tabTitle?js_string}'}<#if mapping_has_next>,</#if>

OB.EntityToWindowMapping.openView = function(entity, recordId) {
    var mapping = OB.EntityToWindowMapping[entity];
    var openObject;
    if (!mapping) {
        // replace with a translatable warning
        isc.warn(OB.I18N.getLabel('OBUIAPP_NoAccess'), 'OB');
    } else {
        // create shallow copy
        openObject = isc.addProperties({}, mapping);
        // set the record id
        openObject.targetRecordId = recordId;
        openObject.targetEntity = entity;
        OB.Layout.ViewManager.openView(openObject.viewId, openObject);