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Added 3.0 modules to modules dir and changed the VERSION number
Note: The current version of the jslint4java tool included is 1.4.4, however the filename of the jarfile is 1.3.3 as because
of an issue in the build-system the name change is currently not allowed/possible (see issues 15289/15290)

=== old-content ===

This module has two libraries:
- jslint4java version 1.2.1
- yuicompressor-2.4.2

The jslint4java is an older version as the newer versions of jslint (1.3.3 for example) ship with Rhino included.
This conflicts with yuicompressor which is also shipped with rhino (and even changes certain Rhino classes.

NOTE: do not upgrade jslint to a newer version without analyzing if these conflicts still occur.

The conflict is reported by a RuntimeException (when compressing) in the YUICompressor class JavascriptCompressor (line 299).