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Related to issue 30057: code review preview

Removed flushes from RoleEventHandler because they create conflicts. As a consequence we lose the ability to clear the session, but this shouldn't be a problem because it's very unlikely to have environments with great amount of organizations.
In RoleEventHandler we only create access to * organization when access level is Client (before this changeset it created also records for other organizations and it is useless).
Reverted changes for Initial Client/Organization Setup. RoleEventHandler won't do anything if executed from an Initial Client/Organization Setup (this change is a way to isolate the problems reported at #30253)
Added log4j to RoleEventHandler.
Removed admin mode from RoleEventHandler because it's not needed (the user always has access t the entities involved in the process).
 This is the development trunk of Openbravo ERP.

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First, configure Openbravo properties run:

  ant setup

Then, to install it run:

  ant install.source

It creates the database structure, builds the core, compiles
Openbravo and generates a war file.

Deploy this war file into the tomcat/webapps directory.

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