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  <template file=""/>
  <structure name="structure1">
    <FIELD id="fieldDate" replaceCharacters="fo">measuredate</FIELD>
    <FIELD id="fieldGroup" replaceCharacters="fo">grupo</FIELD>
    <FIELD id="fieldFrecuency" replaceCharacters="fo">frecuency</FIELD>
    <FIELD id="fieldShift" replaceCharacters="fo">shift</FIELD>
    <FIELD id="fieldUser" replaceCharacters="fo">uname</FIELD>
    <FIELD id="fieldObservation" replaceCharacters="fo">observation</FIELD>
    <SUBREPORT id="reportHours" name="reportHours" report="org/openbravo/erpReports/RptMA_CCP_Measures_Hours"/>
    <SUBREPORT id="reportValues" name="reportValues" report="org/openbravo/erpReports/RptMA_CCP_Measures_Values"/>
    <SECTION id="sectionShiftid" field="shiftid"/>
    <SECTION id="sectionDetail"/>
  <DISCARD id="discard"/>