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   <div align="right"> 
     <table width="99%" >
      <TR class="TableHeaderLevel2"> 
		      <TD width="10%">Date planned</TD>
		      <TD width="10%">Date Invoiced</TD>
          <TD width="10%">Invoice No.</TD>
          <TD width="30%">B.Partner</TD>
          <TD width="30%">Debt Payment</TD>
          <TD width="10%">Amount</TD>
        <DIV id="sectionTypePayment"> <!--ROTURA SI SON INGRESO O BIEN SI SON PAGOS/-->
          <td colspan="6"  id="fieldClassType"><span  id="fieldTypePayment">xxINGRESOS</span></td>
		    <DIV id="sectionDetail">
          <TR class="Border TableDetailRowEven"> 
            <TD  id="fieldDatePlanned">xx23/10/1900</TD>
			      <TD id="fieldDateInvoiced" >xx23/10/1900</TD>
            <TD id="fieldInvoiceNo" >xx5555</TD>
            <TD id="fieldDescription" >xxFACTURA</TD>
          <TD class="Border TableDetailRowEven"> 
              <A href="#" onClick="submitCommandFormParameter('DIRECT', document.frmMain.inpcDebtPaymentId, xx, false, document.frmMain, '../yy', null, false, true);return false;" onmouseover="window.status='DebtPayment';return true;" onmouseout="window.status='';return true;" class="Link" id="fieldCDebtPaymentId">
                <SPAN id="fieldAmountLine" class="NumeroNegativoxx">xx3456</SPAN>
		    </DIV> <!--sectionDetail/-->
	     </DIV> <!--sectionTypePayment/-->