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<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <database name="FUNCTION C_DEBT_PAYMENT_PAID">
    <function name="C_DEBT_PAYMENT_PAID" type="CHAR">
      <parameter name="p_debtpaymentid" type="VARCHAR" mode="in">
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  v_status CHAR(1) ;
  v_paid   CHAR(1):='N';
  SELECT C_DEBT_PAYMENT_STATUS(C_Settlement_Cancel_ID, Cancel_Processed, Generate_Processed, IsPaid, IsValid, C_CashLine_ID, C_BankStatementLine_ID)
  INTO v_status
  FROM C_Debt_Payment
  WHERE C_Debt_Payment_ID=p_DebtPaymentID;
  IF(v_status='C') THEN
  ELSIF(v_status='W') THEN
    SELECT MIN(C_Debt_Payment_Paid(C_Debt_Payment_ID))
    INTO v_paid
    FROM C_Debt_Payment
    WHERE C_Settlement_Generate_ID =
      (SELECT C_Settlement_Cancel_ID
      FROM C_Debt_Payment
      WHERE C_Debt_Payment_ID=p_DebtPaymentID
  RETURN v_paid;