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	<template file="CreateVatRegisters.html"/>
	<PARAMETER id="paramLanguage" name="language" default=""/>
	<PARAMETER id="paramwindowId" name="windowId" default="" attribute="value"/>
	<PARAMETER id="paramtabId" name="tabId" default="" attribute="value"/>
	<PARAMETER id="paramDatefrom" name="Datefrom" default="" attribute="value"/>
	<PARAMETER id="paramDateto" name="Dateto" default="" attribute="value"/>
	<PARAMETER id="paramGeneratePayment" name="GeneratePayment" default="" attribute="value"/>
    <PARAMETER id="paramProcessed" name="Processed" default="" attribute="value"/>
    <PARAMETER id="paramProcessing" name="Processing" default="" attribute="value"/>
    <PARAMETER id="paramTaxpaymentID" name="TaxpaymentID" default="" attribute="value"/>
	<PARAMETER id="paramMessage" name="message" default="" attribute="onload" replace="xx();"/>
	<PARAMETER id="question" name="question" default=""/>
	<PARAMETER id="paramDirectory" name="directory" default=""/>
	<PARAMETER id="paramCSS" name="theme" attribute="href" replace="Default"/>
	<PARAMETER id="processHelp" name="help" replaceCharacters="htmlHelp" default=""/>
	<DISCARD id="discard"/>