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Fix last update of copyright years in database files
<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <database name="TRIGGER C_INVOICETAX_TRG2">
    <trigger name="C_INVOICETAX_TRG2" table="C_INVOICETAX" fires="after" insert="true" update="true" delete="true" foreach="row">
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-- Invoice
v_buspartid NUMBER;
vIsSalesInvoice CHAR(1);
whamountold NUMBER;
vProcessed  CHAR(1);
-- InvoiceTax
v_invoiceid NUMBER;
v_taxid NUMBER;
taxamountnew NUMBER;
taxamountold NUMBER;
-- BP_Withholding
isbaseamountpercent CHAR(1);
baseamountpercent NUMBER;
includetaxinps CHAR(1);
taxinps_id NUMBER;
-- Withholding
withpercent NUMBER;
-- Tax
v_IsWithTax CHAR(1);
-- Calculated Variables
baseamount  NUMBER;
whamountnew NUMBER;
vwithid NUMBER;
finish_process BOOLEAN := FALSE;
  IF(inserting) THEN
    v_invoiceid := :NEW.c_invoice_id;
    v_taxid := :NEW.c_tax_id;
    taxamountnew := :NEW.taxamt;
    taxamountold := 0;
    ELSIF(updating) THEN
      v_invoiceid := :NEW.c_invoice_id;
      v_taxid := :NEW.c_tax_id;
      taxamountnew := :NEW.taxamt;
      taxamountold := :OLD.taxamt;
      ELSIF(deleting) THEN
        v_invoiceid := :OLD.c_invoice_id;
        v_taxid := :OLD.c_tax_id;
        taxamountnew := 0;
        taxamountold := :OLD.taxamt;
      END IF;
     -- Read data from invoice
     select c_bpartner_id,withholdingamount,issotrx , coalesce(processed,'N') ,c_withholding_id
     into v_buspartid, whamountold, vissalesinvoice, vProcessed   ,vwithid
     from c_invoice
     where c_invoice_id=v_invoiceid;
     -- Se the invoice isn't purchase exit from trigger
     if (vIsSalesInvoice <> 'N') then
        finish_process:= true;
     end if;

  IF (NOT finish_process) THEN
     -- Read data from tax
     select iswithholdingtax into v_IsWithTax from c_tax where c_tax_id=v_taxid;

     -- Read data from Withholding
       select bpwh.is_percent_wh, bpwh.wh_percent, bpwh.include_tax, bpwh.c_tax_id , wh.rate
       into isbaseamountpercent, baseamountpercent,  includetaxinps, taxinps_id, withpercent
       from c_bp_withholding bpwh ,c_withholding wh
       where bpwh.c_bpartner_id  = v_buspartid
       and bpwh.c_withholding_id = wh.c_withholding_id
        and bpwh.c_withholding_id = vwithid;

        finish_process:= true;
  IF (NOT finish_process) THEN
      IF(isbaseamountpercent <> 'Y') THEN
        baseamountpercent := 100;
      END IF;
  IF (NOT finish_process) THEN
   -- ReadOnly Check
    IF (vProcessed = 'N') THEN
      -- Is the tax is for WithHolding and the BP have the flag activate it add the tax amount
      IF (v_IsWithTax= 'Y') and (includetaxinps = 'Y') THEN
        baseamount := baseamountpercent * (taxamountnew-taxamountold)/100;
        whamountnew := whamountold + withpercent*baseamount/100 ;
        if (v_taxid<>taxinps_id)  then
        end if;
        UPDATE c_invoice
        SET withholdingamount = whamountnew
        WHERE c_invoice_id = v_invoiceid;
      END IF;

    END IF;