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Modified XML files in ad_reports because they try to insert language value in attribute value when it doesn't exist.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
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  <template file="ReportSalesOrderOpenItemJR.html"/>
  <PARAMETER id="paramToolBar" name="toolbar" default=""/>
  <PARAMETER id="paramDirection" name="direction" default=""/>
  <PARAMETER id="paramLanguage" name="paramLanguage" default=""/>
  <PARAMETER id="paramM_WAREHOUSESHIPPER_ID" name="mWarehouseId" default=""/>
  <PARAMETER id="paramCSS" name="theme" attribute="href" replace="Default"/>
  <PARAMETER id="tdleftTabs" name="leftTabs" default=""/>
  <PARAMETER id="paramParentTabContainer" name="parentTabContainer" default=" "/>
  <PARAMETER id="paramMainTabContainer" name="mainTabContainer" default=" "/>
  <PARAMETER id="paramChildTabContainer" name="childTabContainer" default=" "/>
  <PARAMETER id="tdtopButtons" name="navigationBar" default=""/>
  <PARAMETER id="keyMap" name="keyMap" default=""/>
  <PARAMETER id="messageBoxID" name="messageType" attribute="class" replace="yy" default="HIDDEN"/>
  <PARAMETER id="messageBoxIDTitle" name="messageTitle" default=""/>
  <PARAMETER id="messageBoxIDMessage" name="messageMessage" default=""/>
  <SUBREPORT id="reportM_WAREHOUSESHIPPER" name="reportM_WAREHOUSESHIPPER" report="org/openbravo/erpCommon/reference/List">
      <ARGUMENT name="parameterListSelected" withId="paramM_WAREHOUSESHIPPER_ID"/>

  <DISCARD id="discard"/>