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Merge back modularity branch to trunk.

Due to svn problems it has been merged using patch after updating modularity
with trunk rev 9900. This means that the svn log info for the files modified
in modularity branch will not be available.
<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <database name="TRIGGER AD_PROCESS_PARA_TRG">
    <trigger name="AD_PROCESS_PARA_TRG" table="AD_PROCESS_PARA" fires="after" insert="true" update="true" delete="false" foreach="row">
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* Specifically, this derivative work is based upon the following Compiere
* file and version.
* $Id: AD_Process_Para_Trg.sql,v 1.3 2002/10/21 04:49:47 jjanke Exp $
* Title: Parameter Trigger
* Description:
*   Translation
  -- Insert AD_Process_Para Trigger
  --  for Translation
    --  Create Translation Row
    INSERT INTO AD_Process_Para_Trl
                (AD_Process_Para_Trl_ID, AD_Process_Para_ID, AD_Language, AD_Client_ID, AD_Org_ID,
                 IsActive, Created, CreatedBy, Updated, UpdatedBy, NAME,
                 Description, HELP, IsTranslated)
      SELECT get_uuid(), :NEW.AD_Process_Para_ID, AD_Language.AD_Language, :NEW.AD_Client_ID,
             :NEW.AD_Org_ID, :NEW.IsActive, :NEW.Created, :NEW.CreatedBy,
             :NEW.Updated, :NEW.UpdatedBy, :NEW.NAME, :NEW.Description,
             :NEW.HELP, 'N'
        FROM AD_Language, ad_module m, ad_process p
       WHERE AD_Language.IsActive = 'Y' AND IsSystemLanguage = 'Y'
       AND M.AD_Module_ID = p.AD_Module_ID
       and p.ad_process_id = :new.ad_process_id
    AND M.AD_Language != AD_Language.AD_Language;

-- Inserting
-- AD_Process_Para update trigger
--  synchronize name,...
    IF (   COALESCE (:OLD.NAME, '.') <> COALESCE (:NEW.NAME, '.')
        OR COALESCE (:OLD.Description, '.') <>
                                              COALESCE (:NEW.Description, '.')
        OR COALESCE (:OLD.HELP, '.') <> COALESCE (:NEW.HELP, '.')
      UPDATE AD_Process_Para_Trl
         SET IsTranslated = 'N',
             Updated = now()
       WHERE AD_Process_Para_ID = :NEW.AD_Process_Para_ID;
    END IF;
-- Updating