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<SqlClass name="DocumentNoData" package="org.openbravo.erpCommon.utility">
   <SqlMethod name="select" type="preparedStatement" return="multiple">
       select 1 as a from dual
   <SqlMethod name="nextDocType" type="callableStatement" return="object" object="CSResponse">
        CALL AD_Sequence_DocType(TO_NUMBER(?),TO_NUMBER(?),?,?)
      <Parameter name="cDocTypeId"/>
      <Parameter name="adClientId"/>
      <Parameter name="updateNext"/>
      <Parameter name="razon" type="out"/>
   <SqlMethod name="nextDoc" type="callableStatement" return="object" object="CSResponse">
        CALL AD_Sequence_Doc(?,TO_NUMBER(?),?,?)
      <Parameter name="cDocTypeTableName"/>
      <Parameter name="adClientId"/>
      <Parameter name="updateNext"/>
      <Parameter name="razon" type="out"/>