author Cristian Berner <>
Mon, 31 Aug 2020 12:03:00 +0200
changeset 37516 743260848809
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Fixes ISSUE-44863: Remove never thrown ServletException in OBScheduler methods

OBScheduler has been modified previously when quartz has been updated,
but reschedule and unschedule method declarations have not been updated.
ServletException is not thrown anymore in those methods, so it has been
removed from there.

Catch blocks that were catching this non-thrown exception have also been
removed in CallAcctServer and UnscheduleProcess classes.
Openbravo wants to thank to the following people for their contributions to the Openbravo ERP project.

Stefan Huehner <> - Bug fixing, code clean up
Mario Martinez Rodriguez <> - Openbravo 2.0x to 2.2x artwork 
Ben Sommerville <> - Bug fixing
Ville Lindfors <> - Code clean up
Miroslav Lazarevic <> - Fixes to the build system
Valery Lezhebokov <> - Development and Bug fixing
Asier Galdos <> - Bug fixing
Thirumalai Kandasami <> - Bug fixing
Sreedhar Sirigiri TDS - provided deep linking with filter clause
Mallikarjun M TDS - provided deep linking with filter clause
Shankar Balachandran <> - Bug fixing
Francois Le Roux - <> - Bug fixing and documentation
Shawn Laubach SAIC <> - Development
Cheli Pineda <> - Bug fixing