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Wed, 05 Aug 2020 08:17:58 +0200
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fixed ISSUE-44752: global scope used in jest test

Prevent using global scope in jest test by replacing its usage by global
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	<template file="SQLExecutor_Excel.html"/>

  	<!--PARAMETER id="paramDirectory" name="directory" default=""/>
	<PARAMETER id="fieldCalendar" name="calendar" attribute="src" replace="es" default="en"/>
  	<PARAMETER id="paramLanguage" name="language" attribute="value"/>
	<PARAMETER id="paramBuscador" name="buscador" attribute="onload" replace="xx();" default=""/>
	<PARAMETER id="fieldSQL" name="sql" default=""/>
	<PARAMETER id="paramToolBar" name="toolbar" default=""/>
<PARAMETER id="paramCSS" name="theme" attribute="href" replace="Default"/>
	<PARAMETER id="paramParentTabContainer" name="parentTabContainer" default=" "/>
  <PARAMETER id="paramMainTabContainer" name="mainTabContainer" default=" "/>
  <PARAMETER id="paramChildTabContainer" name="childTabContainer" default=" "/>
  <PARAMETER id="tdtopButtons" name="navigationBar" default=""/>
  <PARAMETER id="messageBoxID" name="messageType" attribute="class" replace="yy" default="HIDDEN"/>
  <PARAMETER id="messageBoxIDTitle" name="messageTitle" default=""/>
  <PARAMETER id="messageBoxIDMessage" name="messageMessage" default=""/>
  <PARAMETER id="tdleftTabs" name="leftTabs" default=""/>

  <PARAMETER id="param2" name="param2" default="2"/-->
  <PARAMETER id="paramData" name="data" default=""/>

	<structure name="structureHeader">
		<FIELD id="fieldHeader">header</FIELD>
		<!--FIELD id="fieldRownum">rownum</FIELD>
    	<FUNCTION id="funcEvenOddRow" name="MODULE" arg1="fieldRownum" arg2="param2" format="integerEdition" attribute="class" replace="xx"/>
		<FIELD id="fieldHeader">header</FIELD>
		<SUBREPORT id="reportLines" name="reportLines" report="org/openbravo/erpCommon/ad_forms/SQLExecutorLines">
	<SECTION id="sectionHeader"/>

	<!--structure name="structureLine">
		<FIELD id="fieldType">type</FIELD>

		<SECTION id="sectionType" field="type"/>
		<SECTION id="sectionLine"/>
	<DISCARD id="discard"/>