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Thu, 05 Dec 2019 15:06:14 +0100
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Fixes BUG-42398: When validating a new costing rule, physical inventories should
be created in the warehouse's organization

The warehouse organization is not taked into account when the inventory count is created
in the costing rule validation process

Now the warehouse organization is used to create the physical inventories when validating
a new costing rule
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  <template file="ReportSalesOrderOpenItemJR.html"/>
  <PARAMETER id="paramToolBar" name="toolbar" default=""/>
  <PARAMETER id="paramDirectory" name="directory" default=""/>
  <PARAMETER id="paramLanguage" name="paramLanguage" default=""/>
  <PARAMETER id="paramM_WAREHOUSESHIPPER_ID" name="mWarehouseId" default=""/>
  <PARAMETER id="paramCSS" name="theme" attribute="href" replace="Default"/>
  <PARAMETER id="tdleftTabs" name="leftTabs" default=""/>
  <PARAMETER id="paramParentTabContainer" name="parentTabContainer" default=" "/>
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  <PARAMETER id="messageBoxIDTitle" name="messageTitle" default=""/>
  <PARAMETER id="messageBoxIDMessage" name="messageMessage" default=""/>
  <SUBREPORT id="reportM_WAREHOUSESHIPPER" name="reportM_WAREHOUSESHIPPER" report="org/openbravo/erpCommon/reference/List">
      <ARGUMENT name="parameterListSelected" withId="paramM_WAREHOUSESHIPPER_ID"/>

  <DISCARD id="discard"/>