author Cristian Berner <>
Mon, 31 Aug 2020 12:03:00 +0200
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Fixes ISSUE-44863: Remove never thrown ServletException in OBScheduler methods

OBScheduler has been modified previously when quartz has been updated,
but reschedule and unschedule method declarations have not been updated.
ServletException is not thrown anymore in those methods, so it has been
removed from there.

Catch blocks that were catching this non-thrown exception have also been
removed in CallAcctServer and UnscheduleProcess classes.
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	<template file="InvoiceLine.html"/>
	<PARAMETER id="fieldCalendar" name="calendar" attribute="src" replace="es" default="en"/>
	<PARAMETER id="paramDirectory" name="directory" default=""/>
	<PARAMETER id="paramLanguage" name="language" default=""/>
	<PARAMETER id="paramCSS" name="theme" attribute="href" replace="Default"/>
	<PARAMETER id="fieldDocumentNo" name="documentno" attribute="value"/>
	<PARAMETER id="fieldDateFrom" name="datefrom" attribute="value"/>
	<PARAMETER id="fieldDateTo" name="dateto" attribute="value"/>
	<PARAMETER id="fieldGrandtotalFrom" name="grandtotalfrom" attribute="value" format="euroEdition"/>
	<PARAMETER id="fieldGrandtotalTo" name="grandtotalto" attribute="value" format="euroEdition"/>
	<PARAMETER id="fieldcBpartnerId_DES" name="cBpartnerId_DES" attribute="value"/>
	<PARAMETER id="fieldcBpartnerId" name="cBpartnerId" attribute="value"/>
	<PARAMETER id="fieldmProductId_DES" name="mProductId_DES" attribute="value"/>
	<PARAMETER id="fieldmProductId" name="mProductId" attribute="value"/>
   <PARAMETER id="paramDateFrom" name="dateFromdisplayFormat" attribute="displayformat" replace="xx"/>
	<PARAMETER id="paramDateFrom" name="dateFromsaveFormat" attribute="saveformat" replace="yy"/>

	<PARAMETER id="paramDateTo" name="dateTodisplayFormat" attribute="displayformat" replace="xx"/>
	<PARAMETER id="paramDateTo" name="dateTosaveFormat" attribute="saveformat" replace="yy"/>
	<DISCARD id="discard"/>