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Related to issue 42295: Avoid API change in CancelAndReplaceUtils
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	<template file="ProductMultiple.html"/>
	<PARAMETER id="paramDirectory" name="directory" default=""/>
	<PARAMETER id="paramLanguage" name="language" default=""/>
    <PARAMETER id="paramAlertMsg" name="alertMsg" default=""/>
	<PARAMETER id="paramCSS" name="theme" attribute="href" replace="Default"/>
	<PARAMETER id="fieldKey" name="key" attribute="value"/>
	<PARAMETER id="fieldName" name="name" attribute="value"/>
    <PARAMETER id="fieldIsSoTrx" name="isSoTrx" attribute="value"/>
	<PARAMETER id="fieldSelected" name="category" />
    <PARAMETER id="grid" name="gridSoTrx" attribute="dataurl" replace="qq"/>
    <PARAMETER id="grid" name="gridSoTrx" attribute="updatesurl" replace="qq"/>
	<SUBREPORT id="reportM_Product_Category_ID" name="reportM_Product_Category_ID" report="org/openbravo/erpCommon/reference/List">
		<ARGUMENT name="parameterListSelected" withId="fieldSelected"/>
	<DISCARD id="discard"/>