Thu, 07 Oct 2010 16:32:29 +0200 Salvador Zapata Fixed bug 14514 In there are some strings impossible to translate
Mon, 07 Jun 2010 13:50:01 +0200 Gorka Ion Damián Fixed duplicated constraint name issue.
Mon, 07 Jun 2010 10:47:21 +0200 Eduardo Argal Guibert Adds Configuration tab for payment in financial account, adds check in accounting fro financial account transactions, adds callout to default configuration from payment method, adds fields for configuration in payment method
Tue, 23 Mar 2010 19:23:43 +0100 Gorka Ion Damián Fixed some issues on Financial Account window and Payment Method table.
Mon, 15 Feb 2010 16:37:32 +0100 Eduardo Argal Guibert Advance receivables and payables project: Data model creation