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-In order to enable compilation you will have to execute setup configurator. Execute:
-ant -f build.xml.template setup
+This is the development trunk of Openbravo ERP.
-Then, you can change property base.subversion to your base subversion path in your build.xml generated.
+* Installation
-To install openbravo execute:
-ant install.source
+First run the setup binary corresponding to your system in the
+setup directory.
+Then, to install run:
+  ant install.source
+It builds the Openbravo core, creates the database structure, compiles
+Openbravo and generates a war file.
+* Documentation
+See http://wiki.openbravo.com for more documentation.
+* Helping out
+If you'd like to help out, great!
+The http://wiki.openbravo.com/wiki/index.php/Project_Ideas page
+contains a small list.
+Please share your changes so others can benefit.
+Please use diff -u or SVN to prepare patches.
+* Contact
+IRC: #openbravo in freenode