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<project name="SmartClient" default="combine" basedir=".">
    Combines all required JavaScript files in one file
  <property name="isc"
            location="isomorphic" />

  <target name="combine" description="Concatenates all SmartClient in one file: ISC_Combined.js">
    <concat destfile="ISC_Combined.js">
      <fileset file="${isc}/system/modules/ISC_Core.js" />
      <fileset file="${isc}/system/modules/ISC_Foundation.js" />
      <fileset file="${isc}/system/modules/ISC_Containers.js" />
      <fileset file="${isc}/system/modules/ISC_Grids.js" />
      <fileset file="${isc}/system/modules/ISC_Forms.js" />
      <fileset file="${isc}/system/modules/ISC_DataBinding.js" />
      <fileset file="${isc}/system/modules/ISC_RichTextEditor.js" />