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<SqlClass name="SLWRPhaseSequenceData" package="org.openbravo.erpCommon.ad_callouts">
  <SqlMethod name="select" type="preparedStatement" return="multiple">
      SELECT MA_Process_Id as process, costcenteruse as ccuse, preptime, '' as quantity, COALESCE(Outsourced, 'N') as outsourced
      FROM MA_Sequence
      WHERE MA_Sequence_Id = ?
    <Parameter name="maSequenceId"/>
  <SqlMethod name="selectQuantity" type="preparedStatement" return="String" default="">
      SELECT wr.quantity*s.multiplier AS quantity
      FROM MA_WorkRequirement wr, MA_Sequence s
      WHERE s.MA_Sequence_Id = ?
      AND wr.MA_WorkRequirement_ID = ?
    <Parameter name="maSequenceId"/>
    <Parameter name="maWRequirementId"/>