author Jorge Garcia <>
Thu, 19 Feb 2015 15:56:38 +0100
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Fixed issue 28818: Not possible to apply taxes dataset in 2.50

This issue is related with the Openbravo ERP 2.50

When installing the 'Taxes: Configuration for Spain (Impuestos para España)'
and trying to apply taxes dataset in the enterprise module management
window this error appears in the window: isCashVat property does not exist.

The solution is to add this column to the core of Openbravo. To match the
Openbravo ERP 3 definition, the definition was copied from that version
and transplanted to the Openbravo ERP 2.50.

This three xml files had changed:

In those files, we had set the definition of the new column.

Now, the dataset of the 'Taxes: Configuration for Spain (Impuestos para
España)' is applied correctly in Openbravo 2.50
<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <database name="VIEW S_TIMEEXPENSELINE_V">
    <view name="S_TIMEEXPENSELINE_V"><![CDATA[SELECT tel.s_timeexpenseline_id, tel.ad_client_id, tel.ad_org_id, tel.isactive, tel.created, tel.createdby, tel.updated, tel.updatedby, tel.s_timeexpense_id, tel.line, tel.istimereport, te.datereport, tel.m_product_id, tel.qty, tel.expenseamt, tel.c_currency_id, tel.convertedamt, tel.s_resourceassignment_id, tel.description, tel.note, tel.isinvoiced, tel.c_project_id, tel.c_activity_id, tel.c_campaign_id, tel.c_invoiceline_id, tel.invoiceprice, tel.c_uom_id, tel.c_orderline_id, tel.c_projectphase_id, tel.c_projecttask_id, tel.s_timetype_id, te.c_bpartner_id, tel.dateexpense, tel.c_bpartner_id AS tel_c_bpartner_id FROM s_timeexpenseline tel JOIN s_timeexpense te ON tel.s_timeexpense_id = te.s_timeexpense_id WHERE tel.qty <> 0 AND tel.c_invoiceline_id IS NULL AND te.processed = 'Y' AND tel.isactive = 'Y' AND te.isactive = 'Y' AND tel.istimereport <> 'Y']]></view>